CianiLugano, a gateway to new experiences
CianiLugano is a contemporary setting where novelty and elegance combine in perfect harmony. Our restaurant is located in the very heart of the city,  just a few steps away from the Palazzo dei Congressi. At this beautiful lakeside venue, surrounded by the magnificent scenery of Parco Ciani, guests from all around the world will find something new to try every time in a warm, homely atmosphere.

Our restaurant aims to make the excellence of fine cuisine available to a wider public. We can offer our customers a top-quality gourmet experience of Swiss, Western European and Mediterranean flavours at a fair price.

For those of our guests who might like getting a glimpse of how their meals are being prepared, our indoors space also features an open-plan kitchen and grill isle, but you can also enjoy your lunch on our lovely terrace overlooking the park. Since our aim is to give customers an authentic taste of our land, our à la carte menu varies according to the season to guarantee the freshness and quality of our ingredients. But CianiLugano is not just about quality food: we also offer a remarkable selection of fine wines from all around the world and a new luxury lounge bar. In addition to that, at CianiLugano you will find a tasting area and a cafeteria serving artisan pastries, tasty snacks, pre and after-dinner refreshments.

By taking the best of both modernity and tradition, we seek perfection by the means of a skilful selection process for our staff, a rational space management and meticulous care in cherry-picking the best ingredients for our recipes. Last but not least, our guarantee of professionalism and quality is underpinned by our partnership with a group of renowned local investors chosen by the City of Lugano.