Our recipe for a journey

in the heart of taste 

At CianiLugano we aim to welcome you to a homely atmosphere, but, on the other hand, we also believe that cooking is a creation of the finest art and the kitchen is the place where the magic unfolds. What we offer is the chance to go on an adventure in flavour and sensations skilfully crafted by real artists of taste.

In fact, the reason why our dishes are so good in both look and taste lies in the respect of nature and its cycles as we only use local, fresh, seasonal fruit and vegetable. To further please the eye, our breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner and refreshments can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors on our 300 seats charming terrace, surrounded by the magnificent Parco Ciani. A unique, classy venue to relax and relish in the quiet, natural beauty of Lugano.

A heart-warming ambience clothed in a modern glamour: our dining room also features an open-plan kitchen that allows our guests to get a closer look at the science behind their meal and linger on its inviting, subtle fragrance.

CianiLugano is the only place where you can bite a lot more than you can chew: in our menus you will find a wide choice of first and second courses, side dishes and desserts that change according to the season. Best quality meats and fresh fish are always accompanied by our land’s best produce as our chefs combine the pleasure of taste with the healthiest, low-fat grill cooking methods. For those who like a good seasoned ham or dairy, we also offer a remarkable selection of full-flavoured cold cuts and cheese to crown a succulent meal.

Our sole aim is to only give our customers the best food experience possible: we might have the whip hand, but you get the whipped cream.